The National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) is the programme, which aims to bridge the gap of demand-supply between skilled workforces in different industry sectors. It is a quality assured framework that ensures various interoperable quality standards for progress. Also, this NSFQ programme is focused on uplifting the mobility through education and training by mapping different levels of knowledge, skills and aptitude. NSQF caters all the demands required to perform the job. NSQF should be executed well so that it can go a long way in removing the stigma that is attached to vocational education and training. It also promotes a culture of credit transfers and other modes of recognizing and rewards accomplishments streams of vocational training.

NSQF is a competency-based framework, which helps to organize the educational qualifications according to the series of levels, graded from one to ten, of skills, knowledge and aptitude. Under quality assurance framework NSQF, a student can gain the certification for competency that is required at any level of learning. By shifting the focus from inputs to learning outcomes, NSQF is helping to gain employment and tackle this challenge.

Importance of NSQF